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Poyner Spruill Partners with Business North Carolina Magazine for a Health Care Roundtable Discussion

03 May 2018
Poyner Spruill

RALEIGH, May 1, 2018 – Poyner Spruill hosted a roundtable discussion for Business North Carolina (BNC) Magazine that has since become an article titled Healthy Choices, published in the May issue of Business North Carolina. The panel's aim was to discuss current healthcare trends and how agencies within the healthcare industry could work together to navigate the changing landscape.

Poyner Spruill partner and healthcare section leader, Ken Burgess, was joined at the table by the Director of Health Care Reform and Senior Account Executive at Scott Insurance, Greg Stancil; the president of the North Carolina Health Care Facilities Association, Adam Sholar; the president of the North Carolina Healthcare Association, Steve Lawler; and the Chief Health Officer at the SAS Institute and North Carolina Representative, Gale Adcock.

The panel was moderated by BNC publisher, Ben Kinney, who began the discussion by asking the panelists simply, “how’s business?”. All of the panelists agreed that due to the changing nature of the healthcare industry and the need to prepare clients and consumers for what is to come, business is busy and busy is good.

The change the panelists explained as having the greatest impact on the healthcare industry is the growing aging population. Burgess explained that, “in 90 North Carolina counties, one of every five people is over the age of 60”, and “in a few short years, the fastest-growing group in our population is going to be 85 and over”. He called this the “silver tsunami”. Stancil followed this up by adding that “10,000 baby boomers retire every day. By 2035, they’re saying that 8% of GDP will be pure Medicare spending.”

All five panelists agreed, the best way to prepare the healthcare industry for the changes ahead was to consider how individual healthcare agencies could work together to mold the industry into something that will not only withstand these changes but thrive as a result. Lawler called the movement a “reimagining”. He said, “we’re in the process of going through this second renaissance…rethinking and reimagining what community health looks like”. As each panelist was from a different sector of the healthcare community, they all had different perspectives on what that reimagining process looked like, but they all agreed it will need to be a joint effort.

Lawler’s final thought to sum up the article was this:

“One of the interesting themes that I picked up from this conversation is that we’re moving away from a time when health care organizations operated in their lane: We focused on our work, what we were responsible for. The theme I’m hearing is, there’s a real interest and commitment to take an approach where we’re all working together to design what has to happen in the future for success, and that’s cool”.

Poyner Spruill’s Health Law team represents individual and corporate providers in every aspect of health law. With the advantage of a multi-disciplinary business law firm, with supporting counsel available in the areas of corporate law, tax, public finance, employment, employee benefits, real estate and litigation, we are positioned in a way that will allow us to work across all agencies within the healthcare industry. In every aspect of their work, Poyner Spruill’s lawyers’ goal is to help their clients develop practical, customized and forward-looking strategies and tactics in a changing, competitive and highly regulated industry. As a firm, we look forward to playing our part in the reimagining of the healthcare community.

Don’t miss the full article in the May issue of Business North Carolina Magazine.

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