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2018 Limits for Benefit Plans


Click the image on the right to download a quick-reference card of these 2018 limits for benefit plans.

We can provide valuable, preventive advice that enhances your bottom line in a wide range of situations. Times you should contact benefits counsel include when the company:

  • Receives notice of audit/investigation from IRS, DOL or PBGC
  • Receives an plan audit report that recommends changes or corrections
  • Desires to review internal controls
  • Identifies a potential error in how a plan was operated
  • Receives a complaint pertaining to a benefit plan
  • Decides to offer severance to employees
  • Is establishing a new plan or terminating an existing plan
  • Changes any element of a plan’s design or operation
  • Desires to incentivize employees bonuses, stock, options, or other incentive plans
  • Is evaluating its benefits governance process
  • Has questions about proposed changes to applicable law
  • Needs to provide participant notices (such as safe harbor notices, SPDs, or SMMs)
  • Changes its use of independent contractors
  • Changes vendors
  • Anticipates buying a company or selling all or part of the business
  • Reorganizes company structure
  • Experiences downsizing or reductions in force
  • Anticipates changes in the ownership of related businesses
  • Receives notice of any union organizing activity or bargaining
  • Is hiring an executive or offering any deferred compensation
  • Is terminating an executive
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