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Business, Contracts and Joint Ventures in Health Care

Poyner Spruill health care lawyers represent all types and sizes of health care companies from solo practices to regional hospitals to national organizations. We have a broad range of experience, and we have the support of the corporate, tax, real estate, employment and employee benefits lawyers in our firm. We can handle any business problem that we may face. 

Poyner’s health lawyers can help you choose the form of your health care company, whether a partnership, a corporation, or a limited liability company, and we can explain the advantages of each compared to the others. We can help you organize as a professional corporation or professional limited liability company, and we will guide you through the restrictions that apply to these organizations. We can help you select for-profit or not-for-profit status and C-corp or S-corp tax status. 

Our lawyers can draft all the organizational documents, articles, charters, bylaws, registrations, applications, and minutes health care companies may need. We can handle employment issues, non-competition matters, and the problems of departing employees. Our attorneys understand risk management and corporate compliance strategies to avoid or minimize potential regulatory penalties. We draft and review all sorts of contracts and leases, including employment agreements for employers and professional employees, purchase agreements, office and equipment leases, management services agreements, and contracts for ancillary services. 

Poyner lawyers are adept at creating health care organizations for special business purposes. We have organized new companies to compete for certificates of need, to operate radiation oncology facilities, dialysis centers, and ambulatory surgery centers, and to provide medical care in patients’ homes. 

Poyner’s lawyers organize health care provider networks. 

We have also sold, merged, and reorganized health care companies, and negotiated joint ventures between various providers. We understand the antitrust, anti-referral, anti-kickback, and corporate practice of medicine issues in these deals. We have handled the purchase and sale of practices to hospitals or to other practices, sometimes representing the buyer and sometimes the seller.

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